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Contemporary German Art at the Saatchi Gallery


Nothing like some contemporary German art to remind you that you’re going to Germany in four days, am I right?

After a morning spent reading (just finished In The Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson–it’s amazing; please check it out!), my mom and I went to the Saatchi Gallery near Sloane Square to check out their exhibition Gesamtkunstwerk: New Art from Germany.

The exhibit was organized into 15 galleries that displayed works from 24 visual artists living and working in Germany.  To my surprise, when I walked in to the gallery there was no curatorial direction, exposition, commentary, nada.  The point of the exhibition was literally “take a look at this German art”, which I really appreciated.  Instead of thinking about and analyzing possible grand themes of the exhibition, I focused on my experience with the art.  However, the influence of found objects and graffiti gave the exhibition a distinctly German feel.

I didn’t take too many photos, but here are some of my favorite works!

Andre Butzer's Anhembild 2411


Isa Genzken's Bouquet

Gert and Uwe Tobias's Untitled

Jutta Koether's Leibhaftige Malerei

Alexandra Bircken's Unit 4

Thomas Helbig's Vater


What I’ve Been Up To

Alright, enough of the French posts.  It’s time to show you what I’ve been doing since I’ve come back!

1. I visited Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral

2. I turned into a cratchety old witch 21

3. My family and I celebrated Christmas, complete with an olive tree pretending to be a Christmas tree, crackers, crowns, turkey, and plum pudding!

6. My dad turned 55

He’s becoming a bit senile…he thinks he’s turning into a pigeon

4. My mom, dad, and I explored the charming Chelsea neighborhood.

5. The whole family visited the Tower of London and got to experience 900 years of British history in one place!  Woohoo!

And on another note…I start classes in Berlin in a week!  Crazy!

Paris in Pictures: Day 2

Paris in Pictures: Day 1

Westminster Abbey, Kensington Gardens, and Harrod

Hey!  I’ve had a great couple of days in London!  I’ve spent the past two days walking around the city and taking in some great sights.

On Monday, for example I visited Westminster Abbey with my sister and mom

Ok, so truth be told the only thing I knew about Westminster Abbey before visiting was Kate and William got hitched there.  I had no idea how much history this place held!  First, it is super old, like built in the 13th Century old; second, the most boss old people are buried there, such as:

  • This King named Edward Longshanks (he had legs for days…)
  • Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, and they’re buried right next to each other!
  • Laurence Olivier
  • W.H. Auden
  • Charles Dickens
  • Handel
  • Vaughn Williams
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Charles Darwin

Pretty cool, huh?

I met up with my best friend Marnie that night.  I had planned on taking pics of our night out on the town…but the only one I managed to get was of the British Museum because I accidentally stumbled across it while I was schlepping my sorry, hungover ass back home.

Once I was all presentable again, my Mom and I head out for a walk around London’s Kensington Gardens

just tryna be yo friend

I really wanted to go because of this statue…

…it’s Peter Pan!  After I played this role in the musical the summer after my senior year of high school, I decided to study acting, so Peter Pan holds a special place in my heart.

I have a soft spot for fancy-pants department stores, so we decided to stop in Harrod’s, which is close to the Gardens.  It was pretty cool, and I’m pretty sure the outlandish luxury turns a lot of people off, but I had a good time poking around for fun this afternoon.  Some favorite sights:

The Egyptian themed shopping areas

The ornate ceilings

The SPARKLY CUPCAKES (you can’t see the sparkles, but they were there)

The apples with shooting star imprints

The chocolates wrapped up like presents

The 6 foot tall teddy bears


It was quite the busy day, and now I’m relaxing back at the flat before we head out to a concert from the King’s College Choir.  Should be fun!

First day in London!

I made it to London!  And I survived!

After what seems like the world’s shortest flight (fuh reals, I slept the whole time—I didn’t even make it through Bridesmaids), I met my Dad when I exited the Terminal.

While he was keeping an eye out for my Mom and sister, I chugged a cappuccino:

Festive as shit

We soon met my Mom and Mary and got on the Tube, which took us to the flat after about an hour

I’m seriously pumped to be spending the next to weeks here 😀

My Mom took me around on a walk for about an hour once we were all settled. The flat is centrally located, so we’re close to a lot of great sites, including St. Paul’s

Smithfield Market

St. Bartholomew's Church

St. Paul's Cathedral

Alright, I’m pooped.  A nap is in order.  STAT.

Airport Bloggin


This is me.  Bored and drankin a Chocolate Smoothie from Starbucks.


Oddly enough, I am finally excited for my trip.  I had remarked to a friend earlier today that I’ve been bitching about it more than I’ve been talking about how excited I am, but now that all my bags are packed and I’ve moved out of my apartment, I feel much better.  I’ve also spent the rest of this week saying goodbye to as many people as possible.  It was a crazy hectic week trying to see so many people on top of getting packed, but I’m so happy I saw as many people as I did.  It’s almost like I wanted to get my friends’ blessing or permission to go, and despite some hard goodbyes (MISS YOU ALREADY MESS HALL) it’s nice to know all my friends are so excited for me.  And seeing as I’m gonna be in Europe in 10 hours I’m pretty pumped too 😉