One Week!

One week from now I’ll be on a plane to London to spend Christmas with my parents…and then on Jan 3 I’m for my semester to Berlin!


Did I mention I’m NOT ready?


It’s a little overwhelming how much stuff I still need to get done before this trip happens.  Thankfully I’m done with most of my final presentations, scenes, projects, but I still have a few more school related things to take care of, and I am also still in the process of getting my apartment subletted and making sure the house in DC is in shape to be left alone for the next five months.  Needless to say a lot of packing, unpacking, cleaning, and freaking out will ensue in the next few days.

I just started packing tonight…and it quickly devolved from a curious prodding of what I should and should not take to me pacing my room like a hot mess astonished at all the shit I have.  WHY CAN’T I TAKE IT ALLL?????



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