First day in London!

I made it to London!  And I survived!

After what seems like the world’s shortest flight (fuh reals, I slept the whole time—I didn’t even make it through Bridesmaids), I met my Dad when I exited the Terminal.

While he was keeping an eye out for my Mom and sister, I chugged a cappuccino:

Festive as shit

We soon met my Mom and Mary and got on the Tube, which took us to the flat after about an hour

I’m seriously pumped to be spending the next to weeks here 😀

My Mom took me around on a walk for about an hour once we were all settled. The flat is centrally located, so we’re close to a lot of great sites, including St. Paul’s

Smithfield Market

St. Bartholomew's Church

St. Paul's Cathedral

Alright, I’m pooped.  A nap is in order.  STAT.


2 responses to “First day in London!

  1. Yay!! Looks bitchin’ girl, sooooo excited for you! Keep posting pretty pictures!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! So nice to meet a fellow Rodin lover 🙂
    I wish you a very merry christmas in Paris! I absolutely love the city and around christmas it is even more beautiful. You will have a great time!

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