So…my first post about Germany is actually about Dresden!!  The past three weeks have just been a whirl, and I’m still reeling from the adjustment to life in Berlin.  However, this past weekend I made a trip to Dresden to get out of the city to experience a city that was a little more…typisch Deutsch ;).  However, Dresden has a fascinating history.  The town, which is adorned with Baroque and German Rococo architecture was obliterated in the war.  The historical area, or the Alt Stadt, was restored, but because Dresden belonged to the USSR, Soviet architecture also covers the city, especially in the Neu Stadt.  The Neu Stadt is also home to Dresden’s alternative scene, which features “Ostalgisch” (Nostalgia for the GDR or Soviet Germany) restaurants and bars (my favorite was a restaurant called Planwirtschaft, which means Planned Economy) as well as super chill basement party style clubs.  We also stumbled across a Cuban-German brunch buffet on Sunday morning.  A definite highlight, although I was puzzled for quite some time about why there was a Cuban cafe in Germany until I remembered the whole Communism thing…anyway, here are my favorite pics from the weekend!

New Synagogue

Frauenkirche Interior



Cuban Brunch!


Glockenspiels.  Gotta love it.


One response to “Dresden

  1. Your photos bring back happy memories of traveling there with Onkel Gerhard!

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