This Weekend I…

Went to the Berlin Unhinged Festival, a free event in Kreuzberg celebrating visual, musical, and performance art

Took a tour of the Foreign Ministry and snapped these photos right outside the building

…additionally toured of the Chancellor’s Office and saw ANGELA MERKEL.  But I didn’t snap a pic because I ran into her while I was leaving the bathroom so I was totally kind of caught off guard and completely slackjawed and starstruck.

…learned how to Salsa from a man who came to Berlin by way of the Seychelles, Greece, and England

…got my hurz cut by a sassy Parisian who let’s his two chihuahuas wander the studio, has his staff make you free lattees, and who dances to Michael Jackson while having his way with your mane.

I'm at school right now--OMG SECRET SELFIE YOU GUYZ

…walked around Kreuzberg and Potsdamer Platz just as it was beginning to snow

…saw La Traviata at the Deutsche Oper on Sunday evening AND got home with enough time to do some homework.

And now speaking of homework, I got two essays to write.  Peace and love ❤



2 responses to “This Weekend I…

  1. Love the new do, but shouldn’t you be paying better attention in class?

  2. I took that pic outside of class; I was just studying in a public area 😛

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