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Midterm Misery

Want to know the secret to making a theatre major feel really, really dumb?


Yup, it’s midterms in Berlin…already!!  It’s crazy to think that my time here is almost half way over…AND when I think about that, it just makes me not want to study when I know my time in Berlin is becoming more and more limited.

A night out to Berghain, an early morning yoga class followed by a walk in Charlottenburg, and hunkering down in my two favorite eateries, Goodies and Schwarzes Cafe, have all helped the mass of information go down easier 🙂

Vegan chocolate zucchini breadBrunch and books at Schwarzes Cafe

Brunch and books at Schwarzes Cafe

Midterms suck...but I'm still the luckiest girl in the world 🙂


Who Let This Bitch in the Kitchen?

If any of you who are reading this are my friends from University of Maryland, you know that my roommates and I love our kitchen adventures.

For example:

We usually become such ridiculous fools while creating our culinary masterpieces that we’ve come up with the phrase “Who let this bitch in the kitchen?”  By the end of the semester, it was a common greeting for each other.

During my first few weeks in Germany, I was hardly a bitch in the kitchen.  I was more of a tired/frazzled/hungover idiot in the kitchen that all I could handle making was baked potatoes.  Woof.

All that started to turn around this week, however, when I had some friends over for family dinner.  We were all craving Italian food, so I whipped this out

Spaghetti with pesto and caprese salad.  Yes, the pesto was jarred, but the caprese salad was good.  Just cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, olive oil, balsamic, a ton of basil, lots of sea salt, lots of garlic pepper.  It was my first time really cooking again.  No recipe, just using my senses to make the most delicious food as possible.

Then, yesterday, THIS happened

This, my friends, is Milchreis.  I came across it in the grocery stores here, but the Mensa makes some BOMB Milchreis.  It’s kind of like Rice Pudding, but 203981209430948 times better.  It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s comforting, it’s filling, and it’s dirt cheap to make.  So I decided to make it yesterday after braving the bone-rattling Berlin cold for an excursion the program planned for us.

I picked up dry Milchreis grains and some milk at the grocery store, dumped it in a pot, brought it to a boil, and then let it simmer until I thought it looked good (~30 minutes?).  I ended up having to add extra milk a few time throughout the cooking process because I would get hangry (hungry to the point of anger, for those of you who don’t know) and impatient and turn up the heat, but that would only make the milk evaporate instead of gently thickening with the rice.  Low and slow is MAD ANNOYING (still angry), but so worth it.  Especially when you top your creation with cinnamon sugar and applesauce.  My friend who is just as infatuated with Milchreis came over to try it with her two friends who are visiting, and they ended up eating the rest of the batch out of the saucepan.  I also ended up making it again, four hours later, for dinner.  Heck, it’s probably going to be my dinner tonight.

Sorry baked potatoes, but we’re on a break.  The Bitch is back.

The Great Cappuccino Challenge 2k12

I have a first world problem.

Germany is too damn affordable.

As someone who’s travelled to Europe pretty extensively, especially in recent memory, I am far too used to walking around Europe looking for a cafe to park my derriere for a pick-me-up only to be faced with menus advertising 4 euro (or quid) lattes.  In fact, in Paris, I remember seeing Ventis in Starbucks going for as much as 5.60.

So it’s easy to imagine that I’ve been losing my marbles here over the cappuccinos that typically go for a measly 2 euro.  I have especially been looking forward to these treats on school days when I am too rushed to make myself coffee or need something to warm me up before the 15 minute walk to school.

However, now that I’ve been here for almost a month I realized that my daily caffeine-happy habit has racked up to quite the pretty penny: 10-15 euros per week.  If this habit continues for the next three months, Imma be broke faster than you can say Vergangenheitsbewälstigung.  

Therefore, I am checking myself before wrecking myself imposing this public self-intervention.  For the rest of the trip, I will not buy cappuccinos/fancy coffee drinks during the school week.  The 60 cent coffee I get from the Mensa to beat the 2:30 slump is the exception to this rule.  Seeing as the weather right now averages out around 10 degrees Fahrenheit these days, it’s gonna be a challenge not to stop for something warm on the way to school.  Nevertheless, I hate feeling like I am blowing through cash like it’s going out of style.  Every week I plan on checking in to hold myself accountable, and I’ll post how much money I’ve saved each week.  Hopefully, the accumulating amount will motivate me to commit.

So, here goes.  COFFEE BE DAMNED.